Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ciaté inspired Velvet Manicure

Forget about caviar and pixie dust, we are bringing this nail trend into a whole new level with velvet textured nails! We maybe be a bit late jumping on the velvet nails bandwagon, but it's never too late :D

Ciaté inspired Velvet Manicure 
Price: RM9 for 1, RM15 for 2  
Code: GG51 
Colour: White, Red, Maroon, Yellow, Pink, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Neon Pink, Dark Blue, Light Blue
Status: Available

Here's a tutorial for you too! 

P/S: On a practical level these are much easier to wear than the Caviar pearls; you can get them wet, they just return to the original finish once they have dried.We wouldn’t recommend getting moisturisers or oil on them as it does ruin the effect, so they’re not something we could wear all the time. Another thing to note is that as you’ve actually turned your nails to fabric, they do tend to attract fluff and lint.

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