Saturday, 25 August 2012

New Arrival! (Part 2)

F21 inspired Triangle Cut Out Necklace
Price: RM25
Code: GG16
Colour: Blue/Black
Status: Available

Emoda Murua Inspired Earring
Price: RM9
Code: GG28
Colour: Cream/Brown
Status: Available
H&M Inspired Triangle Studded Earring
Price: RM10
Code: GG29
Colour: Bronze/Gold
Status: Available
F21 Inspired Fringe Drop Earrings
Price: RM12
Code: GG30
Colour: Gold/Silver
Status: Available
Pastel Triangle Necklace
Price: RM15
Code: GG31
Status: Available
Black Bunting Collar Necklace
Price: RM20
Code: GG32
Status: Available

Sunday, 19 August 2012

New Arrival!

ASOS inspired Fine Chain Collar Necklace
Price: RM15
Code: GG14
Colour: Gold/Silver
Status: Available
ASOS inspired Lipsy Floral Garland Style Hair Band
Price: RM18 (Spotted selling at another blogshop for RM22!)
Code: GG15
Colour: Gold/Silver
Status: SOLD OUT
ASOS inspired Claw Ring
Price: RM12
Code: GG17
Colour: Gold/Silver
Status: SOLD OUT 
Birdie on the Ring
Price: RM10
Code: GG18
Status: Available
Triple Feather Earrings
Price: RM15
Code: GG19
Colour: Black/White/Blue/Pink
Status: Available
Sexy Lips Earrings
Price: RM8
Code: GG22
Status: Available
Diva Inspired Cupcake Earrings
Price: RM12
Code: GG23
Status: Available
Heart Shaped Earrings
Price: RM9
Code: GG24
Status: Available
H&M inspired Vintage Earrings
Code: GG25
Status Available
Pattern: Round/Square/Chain
Price: RM8 per pair / RM14 for 2 pairs / RM12 per set.
F21 inspired Feather Earrings with Studs
Code: GG26
Status: Available
Colour: Grey, White, Pink
Price: RM12 per pair / RM22 for 2 pairs / RM20 per set.
That's not all yet, stay tuned for Part II for more necklaces! Do let us know what do you wish to see in the upcoming batch, we would love to hear from you :D

Till then, happy shopping at Glitz and Glitterz!

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Hello! We've have an announcement to make *clear throats*

Just so you know, our bestseller is currently out of stock since we have loads of emails coming in asking if it's still available or if we're restocking this item; good news that we are! And they are already few reserving this ASOS inspired pastel bunting bracelet.
This item is currently on its way (ETA: end of August) and we have quite limited pieces so hurry and place your order if you're interested to get one. We will reserve it for you without any deposit :D We'll contact you again once it has arrived.

What are you waiting for? Just email us and let us know!

Glitz and Glitterz.

Friday, 17 August 2012

It's all about NEON

Sorry for keeping you guys waiting, we're back with some yummylicious new batch of stocks!


It's time to retire those monochromatic shades, and turn to something a bit more bright. We all know that neon is one of the top and hottest trend this year! Pops of neon are in full effect this summer, from blazing satchels to glowing nails, and we are totally gaga for the trend :D It's okay if you're not daring and adventurous enough to wear bright shiny neon outfits, all you need is NEON ACCESSORIES to give your outfit a POP!
#1. Neon Triangle Earrings 
PRICE: RM8 per pair
COLOUR: Orange/Pink
STATUS: Ready Stock

#2. F21 inspired Neon Thunder Bolt
PRICE: RM10 per pair
COLOUR: Green/Orange/Pink
STATUS: Ready Stock

Can't get enough of NEON? Let us know and we might bring even more for our next batch!

P/S: Do stay tuned for more updates (;

Monday, 6 August 2012

Coming soon!

Like what you see? Stay tuned for our next batch!
So which is your favourite? :P 

P/S: Arrival might be slightly delayed due to the month of Ramadhan ~