Saturday, 18 August 2012


Hello! We've have an announcement to make *clear throats*

Just so you know, our bestseller is currently out of stock since we have loads of emails coming in asking if it's still available or if we're restocking this item; good news that we are! And they are already few reserving this ASOS inspired pastel bunting bracelet.
This item is currently on its way (ETA: end of August) and we have quite limited pieces so hurry and place your order if you're interested to get one. We will reserve it for you without any deposit :D We'll contact you again once it has arrived.

What are you waiting for? Just email us and let us know!

Glitz and Glitterz.


  1. Hi, are there any more stocks for this? :)

  2. Yeahh, it's still available. Do drop us an email or PM our FB to place an order yeah (: