Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hair Cuff of the Year

2012 is the year of the hair accessory, and metallic accents are everywhere in the hair! Thus, this stylin' gold hair cuff is definitely in the accessory must-have lists for every fashionista.

This gold-plated hair cuff is the easiest, simplest way to achieve a high-end, sophisticated hairdo. It is a fantastic way to add some insta-glamour to your look without a lot of effort. Attached to it is a hair elastic to make it simple to accessorize it into your style. Perfectly disguising the hair elastic, which can be a bit of an eye-sore, the gold cuff neatly wraps around your pony and creates an elegant style that you can dress up or down.

Here's some tips on how to wear a hair cuff:
#1. Cuffs look fantastic on low, loose ponytails. Keep your hair textured and loose to contrast with the sleek metal cuff.
#2. Keep your cuff in proportion to your hair length, choose narrow cuffs on shorter hair and wide cuffs for long hair.

Our version; 
It comes with an attached elastic band. 
Available in silver colour as well!
PRICE: RM10 only per pcs
(Seen selling at RM17/RM18 at other blogshops!)
COLOUR: Gold/Silver
STATUS: GOLD - SOLD OUT/ Silver - Available

Restockable upon request! 

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